Stainless Steel SAE 304 definitions and description.

SAE 304 is a non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel, composed of a chromium content between 18% and 20% and nickel between 8% and 11%; its density is equal to 7.9 kg / dm3.
Gray color, smooth matte finish.


2B standard smooth finish;

Mirror glossy finish on one side with protective PVC film on the glossy side;

Satin finish on one side with protective PVC film on the satin side.

Customized stainless steel Type 304 advertising signs represent a valid alternative to
aluminum signs, steel signs, corten signs and aluminum signs.

Very often it is used to make customized metal plates such as door and intercom plates and metal plates. Thanks to the fact that it does not oxidize and therefore is perfectly resistant to atmospheric agents outdoors, it is widely used for personalized advertising signs in stainless steel.
It does not require protective treatments such as painting or galvanizing, but if you want you can do them. It is possible to perform satin or mirror polishing operations after laser cutting as the last aesthetic finish.

Stainless Steel Type 304 SAE